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Smart Irrigation

SprinklerMan is your local leader in SMART Irrigation.  We specialize in designing and installing state-of-the-art irrigation systems that will save water and SAVE YOU MONEY!  

Smart Irrigation Components

Sprinkler System Design

The design of your sprinkler system is essential to its efficiency.  An improperly designed sprinkler system will end up using more water to keep your lawn green.  Using too much water is bad for your lawn and bad for the environment.

SMART Controls

The Next Generation of Sprinkler system controls are using weather forecasts and scheduling technology to maximize the watering efficiency of your irrigation system.  This includes not watering when there is a 60-70% chance of rain the next day, or postponing watering when wind levels are high.  

Our Smart Controllers are no available with ALEXA, NEST, GOOGLE HOME, and Smartphone integrations!

Efficient Sprinklers

Your Sprinklers are what applies the water to your yard, so we want to be sure the are working in optimal conditions.  This means the water pressure needs to be in the correct range for the sprinkler heads.  SprinklerMan installs pressure compensating sprinkler heads to maintain the optimal water pressure at the sprinkler heads which can save around 20% of your water used.

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